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Pastor Tom Drion

Born and raised in Kent, Tom practised and taught osteopathy for twelve years before pursuing a call to the ministry. He and Donna have been married for 26 years, and have a 10 year old daughter, Carys.

Tom studied theology in California at the Master’s Seminary and was ordained at Grace Community Church where he served on staff as an ‘intern’ during his training before returning to London with his family to begin the work of GraceLife London.


Pastor Ross Orgill

Ross Orgill was born in Staffordshire and worked there as an electrical engineer until his job with the National Grid took him around the country. Ross & Lisa Orgill have been married for 21 years, and their two children Samuel and Alicia are 18 and 14.

After 19 years in the power industry, Ross’ burden for the weakness in the church in Britain took him to California to seek the best training he could find for a life in the ministry. Serving together with Tom in student leadership while at the Master’s Seminary, Ross also worked as an ‘intern’ on staff at Grace Community Church before moving his family to London in January 2011 to help plant the church.


Pastor Adam Waller

Adam was born and raised in Dry Fork, Virginia in the United States. Being raised by Christian parents put him in a place to be constantly exposed to a local church and to the Gospel. It wasn’t till the end of his first year in university that he turned from his sin and trusted in Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior. This resulted in a passion to hear the Bible taught clearly and accurately for his own spiritual growth and the growth of others.

After three years of teaching math in secondary school, Adam packed up his car and drove across the U.S. to California to attend The Master’s Seminary because of his desire to learn how to pastor and preach biblically. Not only did he learn how to properly interpret the Bible and explain it to others but he also met his wife Dana. They have been married for 8 years.

Adam joined the pastoral staff of GraceLife London in November of 2015 as associate pastor, assisting Tom and Ross in the daily duties of pastoral ministry. His aim is to grow with the church in spiritual maturity and godliness as God’s word continues to shape His people’s hearts into the image of Christ while preaching Christ to those who do not know Him.